Here you can download documents regarding to our projects, news items, bulletins, leaflets, our terms and conditions, and our integrity and conduct codes. To download our logo and articles about Walhout Civil in the press, we refer you to our media page.

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Our terms and conditions

The New Rules 2011 - DNR 2011, revision 2013 - shall apply for all our services. The DNR 2011 is the legal relationship for client - architect, engineer and consultant. The DNR 2011 was drafted by the Bond of Dutch Architects and NLengineers, and deposited at the Court of Amsterdam under no. 56/2013 on July 3, 2013.


Our code of conduct

We are aware of the major influence that the civil engineering industry has on the quality of our society. As engineers, we take care of the daily safety and health of people and the environment. That is why we strive for a high degree of competent and responsible behavior in our professional practice.