Lecture about Engaging Leadership a great succes

Engaging leaders are essential for the translation of the strategy to the work floor, and there professional skills contribute one to one in achieving optimal business results.

> Military captain Eric Pasman


The lecture about Engaging Leadership by Eric Pasman was a great succes. Captain Pasman gave the many attendees an unique insight in the Dutch Special Forces. As a teacher in decision making, ethics and leadership at the Dutch Royal Military Academy and as trainer at Nyenrode Business University he knows better than anyone what leadership really means. Pasman showed us his experience and track record as a military commander in the Middle East, Africa and the US. We learned what it means to be a leader and to work effectively under complex circumstances. According to Pasman's theory, the core of leadership is to put your ego aside, be the skilled expert and make connections in your team. Don't choose a manager with low subject-matter skills as a leader above a skilled expert. And now the hard part: doing it in practice!