Rijkswaterstaat awards multi-year contract for advising of dredging projects

We are very proud that we can contribute to save waterways for the shipping industry in and around the Netherlands

> Remco Kok, project manager


Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, awarded Walhout Civil a multi-year contract for technical consultancy and preparing of dredging projects a year ago. We are working proactive on the maintenance of many ports and waterways in the North Sea, Wadden Sea, IJmuiden, Rotterdam, Maas river, Eems and the Western Scheldt. In particular, our civil engineer Jan Walhout acts in the project, as a consultant for dredging projects and contracts in the team of the Department of Waterway Maintenance, Dredging and Wreck Removal. Fantastic work with a lot of complexity and technical challenges! Click here for more information