Walhout Civil designs sustainable bridges for the municipality of Oss

Ontwerp verkeersbruggen Walhout Civil

The municipality of Oss intends to replace two road bridges in by the end of 2020. As a result of earlier investigations, it has been determined that these two structures must be replaced in order to meet current safety guidelines and requirements in the future. Walhout Civil supports the municipality during the preparation and construction phase of replacing both road bridges.

Sustainability plays an important role within the project. The sustainability ambitions, and therefore the scope of the project, are determined in work sessions with various stakeholders.

During the preparation phase, various investigations are coordinated and carried out by Walhout Civil. In addition, Walhout Civil is responsible for the complete design, engineering services, specifications, preparation and supervision of the tender. The construction phase consists of demolishing the existing bridges, various investigations and realizing the new bridges.