Walhout Civil inspects and validates quays in Bruinisse and Zierikzee

The municipality of Schouwen-Duiveland has awarded Walhout Civil a contract for the asset validation and revaluation of quays in Bruinisse and Zierikzee (The Netherlands). The civil engineers and experts of Walhout Civil will determine the remaining lifespan of the quays, based on inspections, surveys, laboratory research and calculations. The lifespan and condition of the quay are leading for the maintenance strategy and cost forecast. Our activities:

  • Diving inspections and condition measurements
  • Steel thickness measurements and statistical analysis
  • Inspection and analysis of preservation and corrosion
  • Digging treches for inspections behind the quays
  • Possibly sonar / ultrasound / 360 video mapping
  • Validation, revaluation and testing
  • Advice in the maintenance strategy