Walhout Civil is proud of yacht sailing team 'Jetty'

Walhout Civil is proud of the successful sailing team of the historical yacht 'Jetty'. For years, the sailing team has been able to win many prizes during spectacular spectacular yacht races on the Western and Eastern Scheldt, the Veerse Meer and far beyond. The Jetty is a fast and agile men's and race yacht. The yacht was built in 1913 and is unique in the Netherlands because of its characteristics. The history of the yacht evokes images of elegant ladies with long, white dresses and gentlemen, armed with cap and pipe, sailing on the Scheldt. But also of yacht races with thirty or more large flat-bottomed ships from the Netherlands and Belgium, who fought on the cutting edge for prestigious prizes. The yacht is owned by Stichting Behoud Jetty. Walhout Civil has been sponsoring and supporting the sailing team during races and events. In this way we contribute to the preservation of the maritime heritage of the Netherlands.