Walhout Civil starts development of underwater gondala for Duik in Zeeland

Zeeland is characterized as a unique wetland and delta area, where land and water are intertwined. Zeeland is home to one of the most beautiful underwater landscape in Western Europe. The underwater area is visited by thousands of divers every year. However, underwater life must become accessible to everyone, both young and old. This dream was the motivation for entrepreneurs Roel Jansen and Hans Visser to develop a unique concept for Zeeland: the underwater gondola.

This gondola is an up and down moving diving chamber (underwater lift) that will bring visitors 5 meters below the water. The gondola can accommodate about 25-30 people behind water-resistant windows. This gives visitors a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the rich marine life. We call this innovative form of underwater experience 'aqua tourism', an early, challenging and innovative form of ecotourism.

The underwater gondola is being developed by 'Duik in Zeeland BV', which works together with Walhout Civil. There is a possibility that the underwater gondola will be part of an Underwater Experience Center in Zeeland in the near future. The center could focus on ecotourism, education and research. Awareness about underwater life is crucial for the preservation and resilience of the delta area. Zeeland can become the central place in Europe where underwater technology will actually be discovered, developed and applied.

The Provincial Executive of the province of Zeeland has made an amount of € 50,000 available to investigate the feasibility of the underwater gondola. 'Duik in Zeeland BV' and Walhout Civil will work with researchers and students from the HZ Coastal Tourism Knowledge Centre, HZ University and TU Delft to explore potential locations on the Eastern Scheldt.