Wreck removal of the MV ELSA on Saba accomplished

The grounded vessel Elsa in the Ladder Bay on Saba, March 2017.

Salvage company KOOLE Mammoet Salvage has successfully removed the wreck of the MV Elsa and transported to Curaçao. The research vessel and superyacht ran on the rocks of Saba in the Caribbean on March 2017. Rijkswaterstaat PPO has commissioned in the name of the Government of the Netherlands to remove the wreck quickly, in order to protect the vulnerable coral reefs of the Saba National Marine Park.

Our salvage consultant Korné Walhout stayed on the project in Saba and Curaçao for a few months. In his function as a representive of the government, he was involved in the daily supervision of the wreck and maritime operations in Saba and Curaçao. All the work was aligned and communicated with local Caribbean governments, the contractor and stakeholders. Walhout Civil thanks the Client and all parties involved for the energetic cooperation!