Our story

Multidisciplinary and challenging

Walhout Civil is specialized in solving hydraulic and geotechnical issues. We offer a wide range of engineering and consulting services for projects in urban areas, coastal regions, waterways and ports. In particular, we distinguish ourselves in port design, quays and pile walls, geotechnics, digitization and maritime projects. We offer added value because we can perform under challenging conditions from land or at sea.

Intelligent solutions

Our civil engineers are successful in organizing complex processes and activities. We are the first Dutch engineering firm that is familiar with emergency and crisis management within both civil engineering and maritime sectors. Our civil engineers and consultants always think one step further and provide inventive solutions. We use smart engineering methods and work with intelligent software systems. Our aim is to provide affordable added value and quality to our clients.

"We are successful in the merging of geotechnics, civil engineering and maritime projects"

> Jan Walhout, Managing Director Walhout Civil

  • Energetic

    Finding inventive solutions or implementing a smart strategy requires a lot of positive energy and a powerful vision. An easy going mix of creativity and passion ensures that we deliver optimal performance, even under more extreme circumstances. In this way we help our clients to optimize their challenges.
  • Dedicated

    We claim to stand in the internationally highly acknowledged Dutch engineering tradition. We are constantly on a mission. Our environment requires protection and stability. With every challenge we see new brilliant opportunities to outwit nature. We recognize our responsibility and invest in cooperation and expertise. We believe that integrity and dedication are essential to success. Our clients can count on us.
  • Courageous

    Wind and water must be bravely defied to achieve higher goals. We are not afraid of wet feet and we deal with potential risks in a smart way. The image and interests of our clients and their environment are paramount. We really feel if we have to manage sensitive processes. We are just civil engineers with a bit of guts, who like to present pioneering solutions.
  • Proud

    We are proud of our profession, proud of our clients and proud of our dedicated engineering specialists and consultants.

Awards and recognitions

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We want to achieve outstanding results and show resourcefulness in our work. We are building on the Dutch civil engineering tradition and aiming to enrich our profession. Therefore, we are grateful to recieve appreciation for our work. Walhout Civil is the proud winner of:

  • Upcoming Talent Award 2018: The Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers
  • Zeeland Pioneering Prize 2017: Zeeuwse Connectie
  • Nomination of the Prince Friso Award 2015
  • Nomination of the Zeeland Pioneering Prize 2015

"Walhout Civil stands for high-profile projects and innovation in maritime & civil engineering"

> Drs. Micaela dos Ramos, Board Director of The Royal NL Society of Engineers

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Our team
  • Jan Walhout

    Managing Partner
  • Korné Walhout

    Managing Partner
  • Ben Gebraad

    Senior Project & Design Drafter
  • Bram Stikvoort

    Structural Engineer
  • Cees van de Zande

    Senior Project Manager
  • Edward Hitalessy

    Sr. Geotechnical & Structural Specialist
  • Gerben Jan Vos

    Structural Civil Engineering Specialist
  • Lourens Nobel

    Project & Data Engineer
  • Marleen Verheij

    Strategy & Business Manager
  • Olivier Timmerman

    Trainee Project Engineer
  • Remco Kok

    Project Manager
  • Tim Muller

    Hydraulic Engineering Consultant
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