The challenge

Rijkswaterstaat, a department of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, is responsible for the safe access of waterways and seaports along the Dutch coast. Sea and river currents causing large sedimentation of sludge and sand. Dredging vessels remove sludge from the water bottom and spread the dredged material at a different location in order to prevent shallows and sludge deposits. The dredging operations ensures that ships cannot run aground and guarentees the nautical depth. Rijkswaterstaat also works on wreck removals and the disposal of objects on the seabed.

The maintenance areas

  • International waterways on the North Sea
  • Port area Rotterdam
  • Port area IJmuiden
  • Wadden Sea and Eems-Dollard
  • Western Scheldt and Ghent-Terneuzen Canal
  • Other areas

Our contribution

Rijkswaterstaat PPO awarded Walhout Civil a multi-year contract for technical consultancy and contractual preparation of large dreding projects. We work proactive on the maintenance of Dutch waterways and in the Department of Waterway Maintenance, Dredging and Wreck Removal. If necessary, we advise also for projects abroad. We provide efficient dredging plans and contracts due to our intensive cooperation with several dreding companies and project teams of Rijkswaterstaat. Our worksheet includes:

  • Preparation of dredging programs and plans
  • Preparation of drawings, reports, advice, contracts, etc.
  • Prepartation of customer and contractual requirements
  • Technical consultation and meetings with departments
  • Monitoring of survey activities and implementation
  • Dredging analysis and optimization

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